DATE :                 THURSDAY August 30th –02.30pm- LANGUAGE / GB

DURATION  :      2 Hours

Meeting point :    On Site Paris / Address to be confirmed


You are invited to join a cooking class; all the ingredients required are there, ready for you to start!

An experienced chef will present the recipes of the day; everyone will be handed an apron and the work will start.
You will follow the recipes under the chef’s guidance.

You will cook tipycal French pastry named ECLAIR

1 chocolate Éclair / 1 Vanilla Éclair / 1 Almond cream Eclair
The “work” atmosphere is congenial, calling for cooperation and team spirit to achieve the expected result. Then will come time for tasting: enjoyable and gratifying! You will be able to assess your talents…and those of your “team mates”.



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